Contouring and blushing according to the shape of the face.

Contouring and blushing according to the shape of the face.

Today I will pass on to you my knowledge and that found on the Internet about facial contouring.

In order to start playing with a brush, you first have to define your face shape, I know it seems to be easy, but as a result you have to look at yourself a little bit and (!) assess the shape of your face objectively. (Remember! Each shape can be modeled, but you need to be proficient in the amount of cosmetics applied and a sense)

If you are still not able to determine your face shape, I hope that the pictures next to each description will help you in this process. It seems to me that it is better to compare with a photo than with a flat picture.

It is also important to try out modelling techniques from shapes that you fluctuate between – this can help you decide what you feel and look better in.

Until recently it seemed to me uncritically that I have an oval face, but I tend more and more towards a round, or simply modelling according to the rules for round logs better suits me 😉

Oval face.

This shape is considered to be the most proportional, so if you have this shape of the face you are lucky 🙂 You can use roses in many ways.

However, the most important thing is to focus on “apples”, i.e. the tops of your cheeks (when you are smiling) and move the brush with the cosmetic towards your ear. The colour should be the most concentrated on the “middle” of the cheek.

Longitudinal face.

When applying roses, girls with an oblong face often make a mistake – they put roses on their cheeks and rub them towards their ears. This is a mistake because it gives an optical impression of widening the face.

The most important thing about this shape of the face is to rub, rub and rub again! We do it in such a way that a visible (without exaggeration of course….) line is created. It should run slightly below the yoke bone, but it is important that the line and the border are visible.

A face in the shape of a heart.

In order to balance their jaws and chin, girls with a heart-shaped face should put roses exactly underneath the “apples” and move towards the ear in a sweeping motion to outline the contour of the face.

Square face.

Colour is concentrated on the famous apples. This will neutralize the sharp features, because the eyesight will be focused on the center of the face. This will create the impression of a natural, delicate eyeball 🙂

Round face.

Most people with a round face want to make it slimmer. To do this, you need to apply the pink along the cheek bone up to the ear. However, try to avoid applying the pink directly on the “apple” because it can cause the effect of excessive color (the more so as we often apply a bronzer).

There is no universal method when working with a gun. You have to define by yourself what you want to optically slimm, what to lengthen and what to shorten. The first important principle – contouring must be practiced! Nothing comes right away, you have to get acquainted with both the cosmetic and the used tool 🙂

The second rule – the bronzer should be a dull cosmetic, because these with particles reflect light, which is synonymous with the fact that instead of slimming down those fragments of the face, which we want to optically reduce, they will emphasize them even more.

(Bronzers with particles are a nice solution in summer, they can imitate a nice tan or subtly emphasize it, they are also good for evening parties).

For European complexion and complexion good bronzers are those that fall into a shade of coffee with milk, light chocolate, we can also look at powders in stone, which are two shades darker than the one we would normally use as a make-up fixative.

Round and oval face. (upper left)

Using a weapon we model the space from the cheek bone downwards, so that our face at the front seems to be more sharp downwards. Contour the jaw line and move with a brush around the neck – this will slimm down the lower part of the face.

Illuminate the center of the chin, the center of the nose and the forehead on the hair line with a bright concealer or illuminator. We can also brighten apples, but it is not necessary, we can tempt ourselves to do this when we do not apply pink, and model the face only with a bronzer.

Longitudinal face. (upper right)

Apply Bronzer exactly on the cheek bone, which will make our face a little bit more sharp. We use the “3” rule, i.e. with a brush we move the face to make a “3” – along the hairline, the cheek bone (we make a “tip” or “fish” to find it) and on the jaw line and beard.

Illuminate the main area of the eye and the temples.
(on the picture to the oblong face there is a rather strange way of applying a pink, I don’t know too much how to refer to it, because in most articles or guides to the oblong face there is a remark not to pull the pink up high, well….)

A face in the shape of a heart. (lower left)

Contour the areas on the side of the face at the hairline and at the bottom of the chin. But with a brightener we mark the places from the cheek bone downwards – it will optically widen this sphere, which will balance the appearance of our face and give it an oval shape.

Square face. (lower right)

Here they recommend applying roses from the hair line to the center of the face, ending with apples (this is also some way, maybe it will work out for someone :))) Contour the cheeks just below the pink to make the cheeks slimmer and give them a subtle look. We also remember to mark the hairline.

Illuminate the center of your nose, beard and you can apply a lightener over the pink, if you decide on it, it will emphasize the cheekbones.

Bonnie J. Watts