Bed Bugs Reproduction

Bed Bugs Reproduction

Bedbugs are small, flat, oval, reddish-brown, wingless insects that feast on human blood at night. Bed bugs are considered to be nocturnal insects since they are mainly active at midnight.

Bed bugs disperse very quickly in homes, motels, inns, buses, taxis and train stations. There is now speculation about how many eggs bedbugs can lay as they are spreading very quickly

Bedbugs are similar to other insects in that they reproduce very quickly. And they also lay many eggs. Now you can ask, how many eggs do bedbugs lay?

Bedbugs suck human blood. Several types of bedbugs feed on both humans and bats. So, if there are bats in your attic, there is a chance that your home is infected with bed bugs. If your attic is cured of the bat occupation, you can then effortlessly treat the bedbug invasion.

The bugs come out of the eggs. After hatching from the eggs they develop into nymphs

How many eggs do bedbugs lay? In a year, the female bedbug will lay a minimum of 300 (three hundred) eggs and 1000 (one thousand) eggs during her lifetime. After mating, they lay a maximum of three eggs in one day. In about ten days, bedbug eggs hatch.

The life of a bedbug is long. Bedbugs can also live for eighteen months without eating. Imagine! Bed bug eggs can live on any surface, but they prefer paper, wood, or fabric to metal and plastic, while nymphs can survive without food for almost six months

What are the likely spaces for the female bedbug to lay her eggs? Bed bugs will lay their eggs in small, lightweight cracks to prevent damage to the eggs. Female bed bugs hide their eggs under beds, in headboard cracks, under the fold of the bedside table, inside other wooden furniture and the surrounding wallpaper in the bedroom.

The number of eggs laid by the bedbug determines the rate of invasion. A mattress full of eggs means that there are hundreds of bedbugs everywhere laying eggs, and they hatch daily.

But if we destroy the bedbugs, the bedbug eggs must also be destroyed. If we leave the eggs unharmed, they can hatch and grow into a male or female bedbug that can produce a thousand eggs. If there are more than a thousand female bugs in your home, you will no longer know how many eggs the bugs can lay.

Bed bug eggs can be easily identified. They look like termite eggs. However, unlike termite eggs, bed bug eggs live near the reddish spots and have an unpleasant sweet smell, actually a little rancid. The dark red spot is bed bug droppings or feces. Bed bugs themselves have this type of stool arrangement. However, the bedbug smell comes from the bedbug’s scent gland. They release the scent for breeding and also function as a protective boundary.

Bedbug eggs should not be crushed or mashed. Bed bug eggs should be destroyed with insecticides. By crushing bed bug eggs, you may not crush several eggs and you may have another chance to breed a few more generations of bed bugs in your home.

Find out the best spray to kill bugs. Use those specifically designed for bed bug eradication. By using the chemical bed bug spray, the eggs and nymphs will be killed along with the adults. Although countless people say that these bed bug chemicals are ineffective at ridding your home of bed bugs, they are nevertheless the best substitute for the physical extermination of bed bugs (by hitting and crushing the adults and the bed bug eggs in the spots) and the greatest substitute for DDT.

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